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Inter Milan 1-3 Roma 

There were many games this weekend that could have been discussed, like Atalanta defeating a very good Napoli team, Real Madrid coming from behind to beat the Yellow Submarine, Barca playing ugly to gain three points over Athletico, or even PSG destroying their rivals Marseille. But this game between two bitter rivals stood out to … Continue reading Inter Milan 1-3 Roma¬†

Real Madrid vs Napoli Match Review

This game did go down as I thought it would, with Madrid winning pretty comfortably. But Napoli could of done more through out the game. It wasn't completely one sided like the Bayern game. Napoli had some chances but they were quite poor on the ball when it mattered. Dries Mertens had a good chance … Continue reading Real Madrid vs Napoli Match Review

Matchday 22 review

Damn many of those predictions were off. Anyways let's get straight into it Stoke City 1:1 Manchester United This game could sum up Manchester United's season, plenty of chances but the players just couldn't convert. Because of the lack of conversion, no one really stood out. Zlatan wasn't great and Mata was responsible for the … Continue reading Matchday 22 review