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Analyzing the top 7 in the EPL

With the new season looking even more competitive than the last. Let's view each team's situation nearing the start of the season, and predicting where they will finish this season. It'll be in order from where they finished last season. Chelsea Chelsea have been a real mixed bag in the transfer market. On one hand, … Continue reading Analyzing the top 7 in the EPL

Young players to watch next season

With the new season approaching and pre season well under way, it's time to see if some of the best young talent around the continent will be able to prove themselves as first team players or to spend their time on the bench. Marcus Rashford Easily one of the most exciting talents around, Rashford will … Continue reading Young players to watch next season

Manchester City 5:3 Monaco Match Review

What a brilliant game of football this was! As I mentioned in my preview this game could either way, and for the most part it did. Manchester City started off very well, with Sane having a great time on that left side, and using a great piece of skill to set up Raheem Sterling's goal. … Continue reading Manchester City 5:3 Monaco Match Review

Champions League Round of 16 Preview

The Champions League is finally back after its usually break, and there are some huge games to talk about. I'll be discussing the games that will be the most entertaining, and should definitely provide an enjoyable fixture, where it could to either way. So games where the result should be pretty obvious won't be discussed. … Continue reading Champions League Round of 16 Preview

Matchday 22 review

Damn many of those predictions were off. Anyways let's get straight into it Stoke City 1:1 Manchester United This game could sum up Manchester United's season, plenty of chances but the players just couldn't convert. Because of the lack of conversion, no one really stood out. Zlatan wasn't great and Mata was responsible for the … Continue reading Matchday 22 review