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The 4 best teams of the 2010s

The 2010s will be remembered for many events in football, with treble winners and unbeaten runs, surprise title winners and goal machines. It has been one great decade so far. But let's look back at those teams that will be remembered fondly in the future. Mourinho's best (Inter Milan 2009-10) What better place to start … Continue reading The 4 best teams of the 2010s

Why do England struggle in Champions League and International Competitions?

This is a question that we hear constantly from England fans and neutrals across the country, because since Euro 96, England have failed to show any signs of quality we always see week in and week out in the Premier League. In the Champions League on the other hand, the biggest teams in England struggle … Continue reading Why do England struggle in Champions League and International Competitions?

Absolute Bargains! – Top 5 free transfers of all time

Free transfers are usually there to take younger players leaving an academy or a player coming to the end of their career. They are normally used for squad depth and never for a main starter, but there are some exceptions. Some free transfers can be seen as some phenomenal business from the club buying. But … Continue reading Absolute Bargains! – Top 5 free transfers of all time

Champions League Quarter Finals Preview

Besides Leicester, the Champions League has been quite predictable so far. With Barcelona making one of the most remarkable comebacks in football to beat PSG, to Bayern Munich scoring ten in two games against Arsenal. It has already been very predictable. With some very interesting draws being made for the next round of the Champions … Continue reading Champions League Quarter Finals Preview

Inter Milan 1-3 Roma 

There were many games this weekend that could have been discussed, like Atalanta defeating a very good Napoli team, Real Madrid coming from behind to beat the Yellow Submarine, Barca playing ugly to gain three points over Athletico, or even PSG destroying their rivals Marseille. But this game between two bitter rivals stood out to … Continue reading Inter Milan 1-3 Roma 

PSG vs Barcelona Match Review

Well I was right and wrong to some extent. I did say Barca had to not start Andre Gomes and play Rakitic. Which they didn't do. Gomes is a big reason why Barcelona were so bad. They lacked movement in the middle of the park because of how Emery set up. It took their midfield … Continue reading PSG vs Barcelona Match Review

Champions League Round of 16 Preview

The Champions League is finally back after its usually break, and there are some huge games to talk about. I'll be discussing the games that will be the most entertaining, and should definitely provide an enjoyable fixture, where it could to either way. So games where the result should be pretty obvious won't be discussed. … Continue reading Champions League Round of 16 Preview

4 Future Ballon d’or Winners

A big question that is asked around the world of football would be who will be the next Ballon d'or winner after Messi and Ronaldo are past their best. Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the prestigious award for 10 years now. That's insane. A decade celebrating the success of some of the best players to … Continue reading 4 Future Ballon d’or Winners

Team of the Year 2016 Without a Single Player from the FIFA Team of the Year

The FIFA Team of the year was a very disappointing one. It was just full of Barcelona and Real Madrid, in a year when it was clearly shown there were better players than the players selected, especially in defence. I wanted to prove there can be a team made of players who could match the … Continue reading Team of the Year 2016 Without a Single Player from the FIFA Team of the Year