Month: August 2017

5 things learnt from Manchester United vs Swansea

After another 4-0 beatdown in a row, let's have a look at some talking points from another win for the red devils. 1. Clinical United A sentence I haven't said for years now. United through most of the game, were not great. Swansea did a good job of containing us and limiting our chances. But … Continue reading 5 things learnt from Manchester United vs Swansea

Swansea vs Manchester United Preview

What an excellent way to start the season. After a reality check in the Supercup, it was nice for us to start the season with the dominant performance. Every player on that pitch played so well. Before the preview let's quickly discuss the previous game. United lined up in a 4-3-3, with a partnership of … Continue reading Swansea vs Manchester United Preview

Analyzing the top 7 in the EPL

With the new season looking even more competitive than the last. Let's view each team's situation nearing the start of the season, and predicting where they will finish this season. It'll be in order from where they finished last season. Chelsea Chelsea have been a real mixed bag in the transfer market. On one hand, … Continue reading Analyzing the top 7 in the EPL

Young players to watch next season

With the new season approaching and pre season well under way, it's time to see if some of the best young talent around the continent will be able to prove themselves as first team players or to spend their time on the bench. Marcus Rashford Easily one of the most exciting talents around, Rashford will … Continue reading Young players to watch next season